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Victoria Hydration Pack is indicated to achieve the maximum result in skin care and regeneration.

The FACIAL CLEANSING GEL achieves a deep cleansing of the face, eliminating all impurities and toxins from the skin, leaving the skin perfectly clean and prepared so that the VICTORIA Multifunctional Cream can provide intense hydration to your skin. And with the REGENERATING FACIAL SERUM we get an extra nutrition and regeneration of the skin in depth.

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Our VICTORIA Hydration pack has everything you need to achieve intense hydration of your skin.

CLEANSING GEL formulated for all skin types, its highly purifying formula, deeply cleanses the pores, removing all impurities and toxic from the skin.

VICTORIA Multifunctional facial cream provides intense hydration, protection and energy so that your skin maintains its luminosity during the day. Formulated with high content in 100% Organic Aloe Vera Canario and enriched with Ribosa and Karité.

REGENERATING FACIAL SERUM with Aloe Vera oleate and an excellent selection of vegetable oils (Árgan, Jojoba and Sweet Almonds), for a deep nourishing and firming effect.It contains pure extract of Swertia Chirata capable of stimulating cell proliferation to regenerate the skin and eliminate the wrinkles.

With the combination of these two products the best results are achieved, since with deep skin cleansing we allow VICTORIA Multifunctional facial cream to provide the intense hydration, protection and energy that your skin needs and the extra hydration of SERUM FACIAL REGENERANTE we get the maximum nutrition and regeneration of the skin in depth.


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