The Plant

Aloe vera is known all around the world to be a wonderful plant, because it offers a large number of benefits for innumerable health problems, and especially skin problems.

Because of its antioxidant properties and high vitamin content, aloe vera can be consumed directly, as an ingredient in all kinds of recipes, or can be used to treat external conditions.


The Gel

A product that is rich in polysaccharides, amino-acids, vitamins and trace elements. Ideal for the skin after exposure to the sun, shaving, waxing and other damaging factors.

It is astringent, analgesic, and anticoagulant. It has also been proven to help with the stimulation of cell growth and is an incredible antitoxic and antimicrobial agent.

1º It assists with cell regeneration

The synergic action of the different constituent parts of aloe helps to increase collagen, elastin and other content in the new tissue. Ideal for healing cuts, as an after shave, for anti-ageing, etc.

2º Soothes burns caused by radiation, heat, frostbite or chronic ulcers.

Alleviates pain and speeds up the healing process, thanks to its properties that reduce the concentration of agents that stimulate the pain and vasoconstriction that go with these lesions.

3º Stimulates anti-inflammatory activity

Helps to control swelling by reducing the oxidative effect on the extracellular matrix of the swollen tissue.

4º Has an immunomodulatory effect

As we get older, our immune system is activated more slowly. The use of products with aloe vera gel in their formula stimulates this system and reduces the effects of ageing. So these active ingredients also have an effect that protects against ageing.

5º Moisturises and protects the skin

Aloe vera has a very powerful emollient and soothing effect. This is mainly due to its mucilage content. Mucilage absorbs and retains water under certain conditions, which makes it a moisturising agent. Moisturises, soothes, refreshes and protects the skin.

6º Antiviral properties

Aloe vera is able to induce the production of antibodies against viruses that cause such common illnesses as colds, pharyngitis and diarrhoea.

7º Lowers glucose and lipid levels

Aloe Juice, which is aloin-free and administered orally, is recommended as an adjuvant to reduce glucose and cholesterol levels in the blood of both non-insulin dependent diabetics and patients suffering from mild hyperlipidaemia.