VIVITA ALOE INTERNATIONAL COMPANY is a 100% Canarian company that was created in 2001 after winning the TENERIFE EMPRENDE prize, whereupon it began its journey in the world of Aloe Vera. At first, our production was focused on the bulk sale of Aloe Vera juice and gel.

In 2013, we decided to invest in R+D+i with a view to producing our own line of high Aloe Vera content cosmetics to complete the value chain. We control the whole production process: from our own organic plantations to end production and packaging.

In recognition of all the effort and control that we put into the production process, we have been certified with the ISO 9001 Quality Standard and the ISO 22716 Good Manufacturing Practices Standard.

What do we do?

Our products are typically formulated using a high content of Canary Island Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera is the most important multi-functional ingredient of cosmetics, being rich in polysaccharides, amino-acids, vitamins and trace elements that cause its powerful moisturising, regenerating, soothing, anti-inflammatory and sebum-regulator effects.

Our organic plantations produce top quality raw materials:

1. All of the Aloe vera plants in our fields come from seedlings that are native to the Canary Islands.

2. Our plants grow under ideal environmental conditions: the climate of southern Tenerife, the ideal height above sea level and irrigation with groundwater from the island.

3. Thanks to our internal tracking system, we can guarantee that our processed Aloe leaves come from plants aged between 4 and 10 years, the period when they provide the highest concentrations of active ingredients.

4. Our Aloe Vera is cold processed and stabilised in order to conserve all of its benefits. Free of physical or chemical treatments that limit its effectiveness.

All of the monitoring of the crops and the environmental conditions ensure that the pure Aloe Vera juice that we obtain has a higher acemannan concentration than any others (juices produced from plants grown in other parts of the world). Acemannan is a mucopolysaccharide that activates the body’s defences and is probably the active ingredient that determines the quality of Aloe Vera